FISCUS is a contemporary application framework addressing reporting, data storage, long term data storage, analytics, business process management, workflow and integration needs without compromising the security.
FISCUS is fully modularized and each optional module provides specific features. It can thus be tailored to fit your own Integration needs with a reduced TCO irrespective of your processing volume.


Rentas Business Package

Liquidity Management System for malaysian RTGS


CorpBridge® is powered by OSGi based enterprise ready open source ESB framework. It supports integration beyond the data center.


FinMap® Built on top of cutting edge open source ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) technology with the focus on Financial Systems integration, our robust software FinMap and our proven methodology can solve even the most difficult data migration challenges. This product supports extracting data from virtually any data source with transformation into FpML (FpML 5.1 and above) document. (This product has additional modules to support transformation of any proprietary data to FixML, SWIFT ISO15022/ISO 20022. It can also be customised to meet your specific requirement of transformation between different systems). It can also perform validation against the Schema, including caching and validation against the standard business rules published with FpML. Transformed data can be loaded to any system for further processing.


Get the Power of 1

Prevent fraud / money laundering and grow revenue with the same real-time, cross-channel solutions!

The Clari5 Unified Platform for Fraud / AML Management + Customer Cross/Upsell

2 Challenges : 1 Solution


Acclaimed real-time enterprise wide cross-channel Fraud Management + AML platform

Combining the power of AI, Real-time Decisions, Automation and Machine Learning, Clari5 synthesizes historical and real-time data across all bank’s channels and delivers split-second contextual intelligence to detect and prevent fraud.


Target customers in real-time with hyper-personalized marketing!

Clari5 forks every transaction in real-time for its Anti-Fraud engine to run -ve scenarios, while using the same computed memory to also simultaneously run +ve scenarios for cross/upsell.


Being in the forefront of digital innovation, we wanted to proactively stay ahead of the ant-fraud technology curve in preventing internal and external fraud with a holistic fraud management platform. We chose Clari5 for its ability to perform cross-channel monitoring and real-time detection. Clari5’s real-time, cross-channel capability has boosted our enterprise-wide financial crime risk management efforts for tacking fraud and money laundering.”


Prominent bank with 8M Customers, 1300 Branches, 1700 ATMs


“Clari5’s ‘central nervous system’ not only helped us prevent fraudulent transactions in real-time across channels, but also delivered real-time actionable insights for cross-sell and upsell.”

Top bank with over 5M Customers and 1000+ Branches

“CustomerXPs built augmented intelligence software that dipped into various internal systems of the bank to create profiles of customers, their relationship with the bank and the best product they were likely to buy next.”

Large Bank with over $100B in Assets, 80M Accounts


“Being bankers to the nation and moreover a systemically important bank, we have a far greater responsibility of leading by example for other financial institutions in the region. We wanted to stay ahead of both domestic as well as global risk regulations with an advanced counter financial crime technology available. We are confident that Clari5’s real-time, cross-channel prowess will strengthen our AML/CFT strategy.”

Banking leader with $13 trillion in Assets; Presence in 3 continents