FISCUS is a contemporary application framework addressing reporting, data storage, long term data storage, analytics, business process management, workflow and integration needs without compromising the security.
FISCUS is fully modularized and each optional module provides specific features. It can thus be tailored to fit your own Integration needs with a reduced TCO irrespective of your processing volume.


Rentas Business Package

Liquidity Management System for malaysian RTGS


CorpBridge® is powered by OSGi based enterprise ready open source ESB framework. It supports integration beyond the data center.


FinMap® Built on top of cutting edge open source ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) technology with the focus on Financial Systems integration, our robust software FinMap and our proven methodology can solve even the most difficult data migration challenges. This product supports extracting data from virtually any data source with transformation into FpML (FpML 5.1 and above) document. (This product has additional modules to support transformation of any proprietary data to FixML, SWIFT ISO15022/ISO 20022. It can also be customised to meet your specific requirement of transformation between different systems). It can also perform validation against the Schema, including caching and validation against the standard business rules published with FpML. Transformed data can be loaded to any system for further processing.



 Siron®Embargo is a software for identifying people and organizations who are subject to sanctions. Siron®Embargo detects and stops all transactions to/from individuals and organisations named in the sanction lists. The institution’s customer holdings can be checked to ensure compliance with national, international and their own sanction lists. The payment transactions are monitored in real time.


Siron®KYC is a complete end-to-end solution for managing the whole know your customer process. Siron®KYC comes with a range of pre-defined investigation workflows but can be customized to reflect the bank‘s current and future KYC/CDD requirements. Siron®KYC can be used either as a standalone solution or as part of TONBELLER‘s solution framework providing you with the possibility to address future compliance requirements


Siron®AML is a research system targeted to the detection and prevention of money laundering. Siron®AML is a solution that uses a risk-focused approach to the critical task of monitoring for suspicious transactions. The solution applies advanced analytics and scenarios to customer data from all departments, branches and areas of the bank to automatically identify and classify suspicious behaviour.


Siron®FATCA provides the option to the specialist to adjust and extend the check rules. This enables financial institutions to react to changes of jurisdiction on their own accounts, fast, and cost-efficient. Institutions are thus not only prepared for the introduction of the FATCA regulations but also made fit for future developments


Siron®RAS meets the statutory requirements and helps the compliance/ anti-money laundering o_ cer to create, continually monitor and update the company-specific risk analysis. The solution stores the results of the analysis in a database and facilitates the comparison of the different risk factors. This provides a basis for a qualitative, transparent and consistent risk analysis. The workflow included in Siron®RAS guarantees that all risks regarding money laundering, financing of terrorism and fraud can be categorized and assessed.


Siron®RCC also enables smaller institutions to analyze the individual risk development based on the Siron modules. Hence, the scalable solution solves the compliance requirements in terms of contents and operation for institutions of any size. Users receive a focused view on the most important and critical developments in the connected Compliance Departments or fields. All critical risks and measures are displayed transparently and can be minimized


Siron®FD recognizes patterns of fraudulent actions. These patterns are recognized by checking current and historical transactions and then forwarded to the case management. The system thus recognizes the major part of known internal and external fraud patterns. Best-practice check scenario templates for internal fraud involving dormant accounts, credit fraud, unauthorized credit lines, prohibited transactions and customer account misuse are included in Siron®FD. To credit institutions, this grants powerful protection from reputation damages and loan defaults that may result from fraud.