Users, who are registered on, can receive 24 hours support through the Case Manager. With this tool, you can easily report, update and monitor the status of cases. Please use the case manager as the main communication channel with our support center. If however your problem is urgent, then do not hesitate to contact us by telephone.

You can reach our support help-desk by or +852-81912355


The people at FINBUS have decades of experience in providing mission critical technical support to major organizations in global finance. We clearly understand that good customer support starts with prevention. We appreciate the importance of business continuity and we will work with you to minimize your operational risk by putting in place reliable robust solutions, propose appropriate operating procedures and help to ensure that staff members are adequately trained.


No matter how well prepared you are occasional problems will still arise. At FINBUS we appreciate the need to have access to professional customer service staff who are familiar with your environment and are experienced in problem resolution. We also understand that quality products and customer service are built upon continuous improvement so at FINBUS root cause analysis forms an integral component of our operations.