Cross-border Payments and Reporting Plus

Cross-border Payments and Reporting Plus(CBPR+) specification define how ISO 20022 should be used for cross-border payments and cash reporting on the SWIFT network. Conformance to CBPR+ specification will be validated by the SWIFT message service, so it imperative that users implement the specification correctly. The resources available on this page aim to help SWIFT users, software vendors and consultants understand and implement CBPR+. Resources include dynamic online documentation, downloadable PDF and Excel specifications and an online testing service. CBPR+ also includes standardized rules that define translation from the MT standard to CBPR+ ISO 20022 and from CBPR+ ISO 20022 to MT. These rules can be explored via an online visualization and tested in a sandbox.

ISO 20022 Messages

CBPR+ specification are based on SR 2019 ISO 20222 messages. Specifications available now include pacs.002 (FI to FI Paymnet Status Report), pacs.004 (Payments Return), pacs.008 (FI to FI Customer Credit Transfer) and pacs.009 (Financial Institution Credit Transfer).

MT/ISO 20022 Translation

Translation rules define how MT messages should be translated to CBPR+ ISO 20022 and vice versa. These rules will be implemented by SWIFT in translation products that aim to facilitate community interoperability during the 4 year transition of MT to ISO 20022 between 2021 and 2025. The rules are published here to encourage their universal adoption and consistency of translation for cross-border business irrespective of the implementation technology.